Tips for taking awesome Santa pictures

The holidays are at our door step and It is almost time for Santa to start his rounds at the malls to find out what little boys and girls want for Christmas… And for Santa Photographers to get ready to foresee how will the child react when they see Santa. Here are the first three [...]

Top Customer Questions

1. How many pixels Should a camera have?
Depending on your output you may not need as many pixels as you think. If you are just going to put images on the web, the 72dpi resolution of a monitor means just about any camera will be fine.  If your output is 8×10 you need at least [...]

5 Top Tips to Shoot Sports Photography that Sells

1. KNOW THE SPORT – You must have a basic knowledge of the game to be prepared and get yourself in position to capture the best images.
2. WHATCH WHAT’S HAPPENING – Pay attention to what’s going on. Use both eyes to follow the players and learn their game so you can anticipate a play.