More tips for taking awesome on-location pics

1. Have a nice set
It is of vital importance to have an attractive and eye-catching set that makes customers want to do photos with you. For Easter pictures you can try things such as a garden, easter eggs, flowers, etc. For a Santa setting, a fireplace, a sleigh to sit in, a tree or Santa’s [...]

Tips for taking awesome on-location pictures

This time we would like to emphasize the importance of having the right equipment by showcasing one of the most popular and user-friendly products in the market for taking on-location pictures (Easter, Santa, etc).
1. Having the right equipment
Even if you are the most experienced and talented mall or on-location photographer in the market, you still [...]

Tips for taking awesome Santa pictures – Part 2

Welcome to our second edition of imageTech’s Tips Bulletin. Thanks to Ron Hughes for his contribution of tip 5 and 6.
4. Lighting
Never use an on-board camera flash. Remember, you are trying to be better than an amateur with a point-and-shoot camera. Use at least one professional strobe with a soft box or umbrella. It [...]