Cj Wilson-

Cj is known for establishing strong customer relationships and effective consultation to ensure the best solutions for customer needs.

Among her multiple accomplishments, she counts the creation in 1990 of an exceptional 3 acre studio with natural outdoor sets including a unique wooden bridge, antique cars, wagons, tractors, and both indoor and outdoor scenes. Props consisted of a wide variety of natural items similar to many of the commercial options available today. Her creativity in on-location photography won many customers year after year with portraits and event photos. Although she sold the studio several years ago, she continues to offer creative portraits and novelties on a smaller scale.

Another of her achievements is her participation as a leader in the innovative development of iMARK, a counter top die cutter for standard portrait sizes as well as a variety of portrait specialties such as puzzles, fun packs, magnetic photo frames, business cards and more. The company recently released a small portable version of the iMARK cutter that folds for easy transport for on-location photographers. The smaller model was designed by Cj and her team of engineers a few years ago.

Her industry experience also includes supplying photography businesses with custom printed CDs and DVDs with ISODISC, now the industry leader in optical disc services. She consulted with many photographers, studios and labs to enhance their corporate image and ensure repeat business.

Cj earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Nebraska College of Education. She is a past president of the American Marketing Association and still serves on the President's Council. In addition to her 20 years of experience in various phases of the industry, Wilson has extensive experience as a television personality, seminar instructor, and author.