More tips for taking awesome on-location pics

1. Have a nice set
It is of vital importance to have an attractive and eye-catching set that makes customers want to do photos with you. For Easter pictures you can try things such as a garden, easter eggs, flowers, etc. For a Santa setting, a fireplace, a sleigh to sit in, a tree or Santa’s workshop to give an image of warmth and joy would work great. If you need help finding set builders, you can try high schools and colleges; most of them have a drama group or class and usually have people with experience making sets. A lot of cities also have drama societies or other groups that put on productions. You can also use photo productivity softwares such as ExpressDigital Darkroom, which has Chroma-Key capabilities and gives you the advantage over a parent with a point-and-shoot camera.

2. Borders
Being able to create and place on the photo an attractive overlay or border is a great way to increase your sales. Even simple clip art with flowers, easter eggs, easter colors, holy, elves, Santa, etc., makes an attractive one-of-a-kind option. Remember to put the year on it too and have different options such as Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, etc., so people can choose how they want to express the season. If you are at a location that has a logo (mall, amusement park, etc.) they may allow you to use it in your overlay/border. Express Digital Darkroom and TEPS X allow you to easily place overlays or borders on your photos.

3. People like packages
The fast food restaurants have us all accustomed to ordering by combos or packages… “I’ll have a number 2, please…” Create packages and have them set up where they can see them and ask for them. A good example of packages could be as follows: Package A – One 5×7; Package B – One 5×7 and two 3.5×5; Package C – Two 5×7 and four wallets. You can get bigger average sales by having packages at different price points.

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