Bird’s Eye View Image Capture Technique

We introduced the revolutionary external camera monitor from Marshall Electronics, the leader in video imaging components. This opened exciting in-roads to the world of still image capture with our affordable monitor kit, complete with multiple power options, table stand, sun shield and a variety of cables for operation. The optional carrying case helps you [...]

Stay in Sync!

They always say a convoy is only as fast as the slowest vehicle.  Likewise, your photoshoot is only as strong as the weakest link  the sync cord.  This $15 cable can cause more photoshoots to grind to halt than any piece of equipment.
The sync (short for synchronize) has an incredibly thin wire running through it, and the [...]

Avoid Unnecessary Printer Damage

Early dye-sub printers, especially 8×10, had heads that had to be locked in place for transit. Older Kodak printers had pins that needed to be installed and the Sony UP-D70 had a combination of left arrow, right arrow and Stop that had to be pushed while the unit was on to lock the head.  All [...]

Upgrade your OS? A Word of Caution!

For the last several months on the forums as well as tech calls I have taken, there have been a lot of people unnecessarily upgrading their computer operating system and then wondering why their printers do not work.
When a new OS comes out, whether it is Mac or Windows, there is usually a wait [...]

Protect your Camera from Voltage Spikes

Digital cameras, by their electronic nature, are highly susceptible to being damaged by voltage spikes.  Camera manufacturers recommend no more than 6 volts to set off a flash either by hot shoe or PC connector.  Some older flash units may be as high as 280 volts (as reported on the Vivitar 283).  Some old units are in the 20 [...]

Express Digital Drivers for Windows 7

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 7, here are the drivers you need for Darkroom software! If you have any problems please call Cj at 402.359.2521 or email

Turn off your VR with Flash

Bill says he was shooting some photos with his Nikon 70-200 2.8 VR lens and SB900 flash for fill.  It was a semi outdoor shoot under a cover.  Looking at the photos Bill noticed an odd blurring or camera shake.  He was using the VR and could not figure why it was happening so he switched to his 85 1.4 lens and [...]

Update your Database!

January 2010
Start the new year off right and make sure everyone in your organization takes advantage of each customer contact to confirm and update email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses. As the year progresses and you execute marketing campaigns, you’ll be sure your message is received by the correct person - mazimizing your investment to gain [...]

More tips for taking awesome on-location pics

1. Have a nice set
It is of vital importance to have an attractive and eye-catching set that makes customers want to do photos with you. For Easter pictures you can try things such as a garden, easter eggs, flowers, etc. For a Santa setting, a fireplace, a sleigh to sit in, a tree or Santa’s [...]

Tips for taking awesome on-location pictures

This time we would like to emphasize the importance of having the right equipment by showcasing one of the most popular and user-friendly products in the market for taking on-location pictures (Easter, Santa, etc).
1. Having the right equipment
Even if you are the most experienced and talented mall or on-location photographer in the market, you still [...]