TEPS-X Licensed

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This package has all the same features as the TEPS X Pro, however, as a licensed version, it will only allow to produce 500 prints. It is designed as an introductory package as well as a cost- effective tool to allow multiple sales stations on a network.

Please note: If you use the Licensed Version on a network, the counter will not count down as long as you are sending the images to a computer that has either the Network Version or Pro Version program installed. Naturally, if you send images directly to a printer or print to file from a Licensed Version computer, the counter will count down.

TEPS X Licensed Key Features:

• TEPS Event and Portrait Software is designed for professional photographers who use digital technology and Apple computers to speed the process of delivering their products and services to their customers.

•TEPS produces immediate results. It’s quick to set up, easy to use and is designed to work with most combinations of digital cameras and printers.

•TEPS offers photography operations tremendous flexibility, improved productivity and increased profitability.

• The software enables users to speed up image acquisition, optimization, template configuration and package printing.

• Extensive preference options and customization tools add value to standard prints.

All of these things can be accomplished without photographers having to become computer experts.

Professional photographers currently use TEPS for shooting weddings, portraits, school, sports, corporate events, Santa-at-the-mall and amusement park novelty photos.

  • Model: TEPS-X Licensed
  • Manufactured by: TriPrism